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Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the CYKLONE® you can!
 Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time And Saves Money!
The simplest and quickest answer to all your mixing and stirring needs.
A great gift idea that will last and last!
Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the CYKLONE® you can!

Professional Builder Magazine - Amazing CYKLONE Review

Just two ordinary guys wanting to do a good job!

That was us when we started painting a large house, every room a different colour and every colour a different shade. Then there was the filler and the plaster for the repairs, it was a long job and we were really bored with stirring everything by hand.

We bought a couple of different devices that were supposed to make life easier and stirring quicker, one was rubbish and the other one bent and broke and scratched the paint tin as soon as it connected with the bottom, leaving bits of metal in the paint to our cost!

So we went through the shed and started trying different things, we ended up putting two components together and there it was the first version of the Cyklone®. Not only did it mix the paint brilliantly and quickly but it mixed everything else we needed as well and it was easy to clean.

Eighteen months later with a lot of hard work we are able to bring you the finished Cyklone® product, a well-made, well-engineered paint stirrer and fluid mixer that takes full advantage of basic fluid dynamics. The Cyklone® does exactly what it’s meant to, does it brilliantly and is built to last!

CykloneMan PaintingCyklone

We are not a big company that wants you to buy one, break it and then buy another one!

We have tried to break it believe me and we couldn’t; now that is not a challenge, but we can say for certain that using the Cyklone® for its original purpose, to mix and stir liquids, you will not break it.

So unlike most things today it is built to last, we want you to buy one, keep it and be happy with it!

That’s why we decided to make it out of Stainless Steel, strong, durable, won’t rust and easy to clean. You won’t be disappointed, we’ve had people using them for all sorts of DIY and Professional mixing and stirring needs and I promise you we’ve had nothing but good news, and all for the low price of:

Only £9.99!
UK Orders
EU Orders
USA and The Rest of The World

Exterior Painting Plaster
Stir Heavy Duty Paints Mix Fillers and plaster

No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste!

There’s not much else out there for just £9.99, that you know will last and do the same good job in years to come as it does now.

Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old or more? With the Cyklone® you can!

One of the most amazing things we found was what the Cyklone® could do to old split and settled paint! All of us have either got, or know someone who’s got, old paint tins stored away. You have some marks on a wall, you have quarter of a tin left in the shed and you don’t need enough paint to warrant spending another £30.00 or more on a new tin, that’s if you can still get the colour!

You open the tin and there it is, a layer of water then skin then what looks like unusable paint. We all have a choice at that point, chuck it away or find a stick and start stirring and if you really want to get that paint to colour match the original, you will be there for a very long time.

Watch one of our videos to see what the Cyklone® does to old paint, you will be amazed and you will want one!

Whatever you’re mixing and stirring needs are; look no further!

Made of solid stainless steel – made to do a good job and made to last!



Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time

And above all it Saves Money!

CYKLONE® is a registered trademark and is owned and supplied by DarCourts Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales Co. 7960848. All rights reserved. Patent GB2528775, Registered Design No: 5002025.
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