Can Anyone Use It?

Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the CYKLONE® you can!
 Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time And Saves Money!

Professional Builder Magazine - Amazing CYKLONE Review

No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste!

We recently filmed a test with the Cyklone® where a friend suffering from a degenerative illness and lack of strength, was able to easily control the Cyklone® without having to suspend the drill in mid-air. Because you can’t damage the base of a container the Cyklone® can take the weight of the drill so you don’t have to. Just Mix and Stir like a professional and paint!


1. The Cyklone®

Being used by someone who cannot hold the drill in the air for more than a few seconds. Resting the full weight of the drill and Cyklone® on a single piece of tissue paper.


2. The Cyklone®

Ensuring that the drill cannot be lifted only guided by taking all fingers off except trigger finger. Resting the drill in the crook of her hand, allowing the patented bevelled base of the Cyklone® to move around the paper freely.


3. The Cyklone®

With fingers off the handle of the drill and spinning at high speed the Patented Bevelled Base of the Stainless steel Cyklone® travels across a single piece of tissue paper.


4. The Cyklone®

The patented bevelled base has been allowed to travel against and around the tissue paper spinning at high speed. Without causing any difficulty or stress to the user and without leaving a mark on the paper.


5. The Cyklone®

Checking the tissue paper after the Stainless Steel Patented Bevelled Base has travelled across it at high speed, absolutely no marks and no damage.


6. The Cyklone®

Just in case you weren’t sure if it really was tissue paper.

If you can balance it you can use it, no big biceps required.


The Cyklone®

Mix and Stir or Stir and Mix.

The simplest and quickest answer to all your DIY and Professional Mixing and Stirring needs.

Mixing and Stirring paints and other mixtures has never been so easy. Anyone can mix paints etc. quickly and safely to a professional standard without damaging the container.

Welcome to the Cyklone®, the latest innovation in mixing and stirring for DIY and Professionals.

Only £9.99!
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USA and The Rest of The World

Cyklone®, a one stop mixing and stirring device that saves time and money!

Do you want to make a colour lighter? Or maybe make it darker? That is not a problem for the Cyklone®! Do you need to add liquid to a product for a thorough mix quickly and efficiently, the Cyklone® is perfect. Maybe you need to mix quarter of a tin of paint that is months old to cover a mark? Once again the Cyklone® is the answer.

No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste!

Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the Cyklone® you can!

Whatever you’re mixing and stirring needs are; look no further!



Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time

And above all it Saves Money!

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