Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the CYKLONE® you can!
 Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time And Saves Money!

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No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste!

Thank you for purchasing your Cyklone® mixing/stirring device for DIY and Professional use, designed to help you mix and stir fluids and liquids of all kinds quickly and efficiently. Please read all Instructions and Warnings before using the Cyklone®:

Cyklone® Operating Instructions

  1. Remove all packaging from the Cyklone®. Please recycle where possible. Use one end of the impeller to open the container. Fig.1
  2. Insert the Cyklone® shaft into a powered variable-speed drill as far as it will go and tighten the chuck. Fig.2
  3. Without starting the rotation lower the Cyklone® into the centre of the fluid or liquid until it rests on the base of the container. If the container is deeper than the shaft, leave two inches (50mm) of shaft exposed above the mixture. Fig.3
  4. Hold the container at all times while mixing, start the drill SLOWLY in a clockwise direction, building up the rotation speed until the entire mixture is in motion and the cyclone effect is observed. Fig.4 Maintain that speed for 30 seconds or until the fluid or liquids thoroughly mixed, in thicker liquids move the Cyklone® around the container to ensure all the liquid or fluid has been through the mixing process.
  5. Once you are happy with the mixture, stop the rotation while keeping the Cyklone® submerged within the fluid or liquid. Once rotation has stopped, remove the Cyklone® from the container, remove any excess from the Cyklone® with a brush whilst holding the Cyklone® over the container, and clean immediately using the products recommended cleaning agent.
  1. Fig. 1Figure 1
  2. Fig. 2Figure 2
  3. Fig. 3Figure 3
  4. Fig. 4Figure 4



Keep hands and/or other body parts away from the Cyklone® while the device is rotating. DO NOT Start the Cyklone® at high speed within the container, this WILLcause the fluid or liquid to spill out, start slowly and build to the optimum speed. DO NOTstart the rotation of the Cyklone® before putting it into a fluid or liquid, as this will cause splashing. DO NOT rotate Cyklone® immediately after removing from the container and while covered in mixture, this WILL cause splattering. When using the Cyklone® be careful, NOT to increase the rotation speed so as to cause the fluid or liquid to spill out of the container. For enquiries or product issues please contact DarCourts Ltd at – email [email protected]


CykloneCykloneWelcome to the Cyklone®, the latest innovation in mixing and stirring for DIY and Professionals.

Cyklone®, a one stop mixing and stirring device that saves time and money!

Want to make the colour lighter? Go ahead, make it darker? No problem! Want to add water and make a thorough mix in no time at all, it’s perfect. Want to mix quarter of a tin that’s six months old to cover a mark? No problem.

No Fuss, No Streaks, No Mess, No Waste!

Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the Cyklone® you can!

Whatever you’re mixing and stirring needs are; look no further!

Made of solid stainless steel – made to do a good job and made to last!


Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time

And above all it Saves Money!

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