What Is The CYKLONE®?

Want to cover up a mark on the wall with a paint that’s a year old? With the CYKLONE® you can!
 Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time And Saves Money!

Cyklone® is the latest innovation in mixing and stirring technology. This multi-purpose paint and liquid mixing device fits any variable-speed drill and can stir and mix all sorts of liquid materials. Cyklone’s® technology and engineering maximises the science of fluid dynamics for the best mix every time.

Each rotation of the impeller creates the amazing cyklone® effect you see in our video, this Cyklone® technology, uses tapered holes to increase the velocity of the liquid being stirred or mixed, whilst forcing the mixture together with every turn. Cyklone® then forces the liquid up the sides of the container only to be sucked back down through the Cyklone’s® constant mixing process.

With Cyklone’s® purposely designed curved and bevelled base, you can rest the Cyklone® against the bottom of any container and continue mixing without causing damage or loss of power, all the while agitating and lifting any settled material at the base of the container.

Why not use the Cyklone® for the perfect tile cement, wallpaper paste or adhesive!

Have you got half a tin of old paint that is separated, split and useless? Not anymore! No more wasting time or money, no more stirring and mixing by hand. Don’t throw away that old paint!

Painting a fence Painting a wall

Professional Builder Magazine - Amazing CYKLONE Review


Easy to use – Quick – Efficient – Safe – Durable – Easy to Clean – Saves Time

And above all it Saves Money!

CYKLONE® is a registered trademark and is owned and supplied by DarCourts Ltd.
Registered in England and Wales Co. 7960848. All rights reserved. Patent GB2528775, Registered Design No: 5002025.

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